AP0-001 it-pruefungen

Originale Fragen Acme-Packet AP0-001 it-pruefungen

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Originale Fragen Acme-Packet AP0-001 it-pruefungen

The Net-Net 4000 is the source and destination for all signaling messages and media
streams coming into and leaving the provider’s network. Which two of the following SIP
functions does it provide?

A. edge proxy
B. registrar
C. Back to Back User Agent
D. media gateway

Answer: A, C

Which two of the following statements about SIP response code handling on the Net-Net
4000 are TRUE?

A. The Net-Net 4000 will originate a 403 Forbidden response when bandwidth allocated
to a realm has been exhausted.
B. The Net-Net 4000 cannot originate 3xx class redirect responses.
C. The Net-Net 4000 egress realm selection may be affected by received third party 3xx
class redirect responses
D. The Net-Net 4000 can transmit a different SIP response code than it received.

Answer: C, D

In an H.323 network, a provides translation services and communication between dissimilar networks.

A. gatekeeper
B. gateway
C. multipoint control unit
D. codec

Answer: B

A steering pool defines _.

A. a range of IP addresses used to route media flows as they egress the box
B. a range of IP addresses and a pool of ports Net-Net 4000 will use to declare itself
as the destination for all subsequent media flows in a dialog
C. an IP address and range of ports the Net-Net 4000 will use to declare itself as the
destination for media flows in a session
D. an IP address and port the Net-Net 4000 uses for steering media to the external media

Answer: C

Which two of the following statements regarding SIP processing are FALSE?

A. An initial INVITE will contain a From header tag and a To header tag as a globally
unique identifier for the dialog.
B. To avoid retransmissions, User Agents must forward received 100 Trying messages to
their next hop.
C. Calls Per Second are typically measured using a 7-10 message SIP call flow including
call set-up and tear down.
D. The combination of the To tag, From tag, and Call-ID completely defines a peer-topeer
SIP relationship and is referred to as a dialog.

Answer: A, B

Originale Fragen Acme-Packet AP0-001 it-pruefungen