Originale Fragen Cisco 350-001

Originale Fragen Cisco 350-001 it-pruefungen

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350-001 CCIE Cisco Certified InterNetworking Expert Ich war bereit, IT-Zertifizierung Prüfung zu testen, schauen Sie sich eine Vielzahl von Prüfungen und meine Augen. Letzten Monat mein Freund kaufte einen Satz aus, dass die Frage, sagte sie die Prüfung über fast den gesamten Inhalt, ist es, ein guter Helfer zu überprüfen. Vereinzelt Bestehen der Prüfung ist mehr als 98%, wenn nicht durch, wird eine volle Rückerstattung sein.

Originale Fragen Cisco 350-001 it-pruefungen

Which two commands are required to enable multicast on a router, knowing that the receivers only support IGMPv2? (Choose two.)

A. ip pim rp-address
B. ip pim ssm
C. ip pim sparse-mode
D. ip pim passive

Answer: AC

A branch router is configured with an egress QoS policy that was designed for a total number of 10 concurrent VOIP calls.

Due to expansion, 15 VOIP calls are now running over the link, but after the 14th call was established, all calls were affected and the voice quality was dramatically degraded.

Assuming that there is enough bandwidth on the link for all of this traffic, which part of the QoS configuration should be updated due to the new traffic profile?

A. Increase the shaping rate for the priority queue.
B. Remove the policer applied on the priority queue.
C. Remove the shaper applied on the priority queue.
D. Increase the policing rate for the priority queue.

Answer: D

A new backup connection is being deployed on a remote site router. The stability of the connection has been a concern. In order to provide more information to EIGRP regarding this interface, you wish to incorporate the “reliability” cost metric in the EIGRP calculation with the command metric weights 1 0 1 0 1.

What impact will this modification on the remote site router have for other existing EIGRP neighborships from the same EIGRP domain?

A. Existing neighbors will immediately begin using the new metric.
B. Existing neighbors will use the new metric after clearing the EIGRP neighbors.
C. Existing neighbors will resync, maintaining the neighbor relationship.
D. All existing neighbor relationships will go down.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

R1 has an EBGP session to ISP 1 and an EBGP session to ISP 2. R1 receives the same prefixes through both links.

Which configuration should be applied so that the link between R1 and ISP 2 will be preferred for outgoing traffic (R1 to ISP 2)?

A. Increase local preference on R1 for received routes
B. Decrease local preference on R1 for received routes
C. Increase MED on ISP 2 for received routes
D. Decrease MED on ISP 2 for received routes

Answer: A

Originale Fragen Cisco 350-001 it-pruefungen